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Welcome to the World of Astrology with Joan Kilgen

This 10 week course was created by renowned astrologer and author Joan Kilgen, who has been practicing and teaching astrology for over 40 years with clientele worldwide. The Welcome to the World of Astrology course is a special re-release and was originally recorded as an audio course in the late 1980’s. It has been brought back and repackaged in an online format due to popular demand from Joan’s clients. The original class audio recordings by Joan have been converted to video and are now offered on demand to students who want to learn astrology the right way.

Learn about your innate birth talents, your personal & professional strengths and your opportunities for growth & self-development. Get the edge on career advancement. Learn what to look for in a potential love relationship. Learn how to analyze the charts of your friends and others. Get on the fast track to being your best self and getting the most out of your life with the ancient art of astrology, the ultimate tool to self-discovery!

What You Will Learn

  • The History and Philosophy of Astrology
  • The Sun Signs
  • How to Draw Glyphs
  • The Four Elements
  • The Qualities of the Signs
  • The House Signs
  • All the Planets
  • The Qualities of the Moon
  • The Four Rules of the Moon

  • The Nodes of the Moon
  • Angularity
  • The Mercury Retrograde
  • The Venus/Mars Interchange
  • The Triad of Energy
  • The Role of Karma
  • Transposition
  • How to Cast a Composite Chart
What You Will Receive

  • 10 video lectures
  • A 60 page downloadable workbook
  • Access to the videos for the life of website
  • Extensive chart review and practice opportunities
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Joan’s unique personal experiences and insights with access to a Facebook page where you can ask Joan questions along the way
  • A thorough understanding of astrology and how to apply it to your life

Important Notes

Cell Phones, Tablets and Small Devices
The course lessons do not format correctly on small devices, so please use a laptop or desktop computer while taking the course.

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Course Access
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