Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Joan Kilgen

About Joan Kilgen

With 40+ years in the field and over 3,000 clients worldwide, Joan Kilgen’s reputation as an author, astrological counselor and metaphysician is well-established. Her astrology practice, Vesta Astrological Counseling, was founded in the 1970’s. She taught astrology for over 30 years in the Vesta School of Astrology and co-founded the Ajna Metaphysical Education Center in Patchogue, NY. Today, Joan continues to teach through her readings from her home in the Florida Keys.

Many clients seek out Joan to uncover their own personal potentials, life lessons and reasons for being here. Her readings are used by psychotherapists, social workers, parents and truth-seekers as tools to enhance growth and self-awareness. Parents request readings to help them better understand and guide the karmic journeys of their children.

Joan’s mission in life is to help other souls navigate their own life paths with the wisdom she has gained, and by providing encouragement, insight and understanding.