Would you like to know what upcoming trends show up in your chart?

Yearly Reading

This reading can be thought of as your cosmic roadmap. It reveals how the natal energies in your birth chart (life reading) may react with the catalytic energies of the orbiting planets during certain periods of the reading time frame. These “trigger aspects” can have a harmonious effect for some areas of your life and allow you to seemingly move forward with ease in achieving your goals. Conversely, certain transits and their aspects may appear to create headwinds or resistance for you and your efforts. Regardless of their inclinations, being aware of these upcoming influences or trends prepares you in advance so that you may plan accordingly.

Joan does not give predictions, but will very clearly tell you all about the energies around you for the upcoming year, why they are there and how you can best use them on your karmic journey. Your birth chart will be referred to throughout the yearly reading.

When submitting your order be sure to include any questions you may have such as your health, love life, career, etc. Be sure to include birth dates for people or times for events, such as surgeries, weddings and job changes. You may jot down a few lines or several paragraphs if you wish.

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Reading Price: $150

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