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Life Reading

The energies you bring into this life are revealed in the celestial fingerprint that is your birth (or natal) chart, which is unique to you. The life reading, based on your birth chart, is the story of your life, the karmic path you follow. It tells you all about yourself and your potential in all areas: love, family and relationships, health, career, finances, etc. It shines a light on your core values, what you are passionate about and your approach to education, travel and spirituality. It describes your strengths and abilities in each of these areas and the natal aspects that challenge them.

From the moment of your birth, the energies reflected in your chart serve to keep you on a certain course. It’s destiny to a degree, but you have the free will to work with these forces to express yourself at your highest and best level. Knowing your birth chart means knowing you and this can empower you to create opportunities and events in your life with conscious intent, rather than by subconscious default.

Your life reading will point out your strengths and show you the positive directions to take that are indicated in your chart. This reading addresses the basics of your life along with specifics which are solely about you as an individual. It is best to hear this life reading before moving on to others. Also included is a discussion of the planets which will be influencing you during the upcoming year. Basically, a life reading covers your past, present and future.

Much of Joan’s work over the years has been with people who are in therapy. They share their readings with their counselors who, in turn, have shared with Joan that these readings advance their patients progress by years. Joan’s approach to the life reading is both spiritual and psychological while focusing on your karmic journey.

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