Is your match made in heaven?

Compatibility Reading

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an instant, magnetic connection? And after getting to know this person did you realize you shared similar traits, such as your wit or sense of humor? Perhaps you both had the same interests or shared some of the same experiences? Did this person become an integral part of your world as a lifelong friend, or a partner in love or business? If so, these mysterious and connective “ties that bind” are reflected in your two charts when compared to one another. The compatibility reading is an invaluable tool in understanding the dynamics of any relationship, whether it’s family, friend or foe.

All too often, people become caught up in the romantic notion of soul mates. In reality, a soul mate relationship can be any relationship that has a significant impact on you or the events in your life. These karmic relationships express themselves in many ways, from harmonious and loving to adversarial and combative. The people involved may be your family members or friends, or someone with whom you’re involved with in a lengthy legal dispute. They may just be here for “a reason or a season”, but the connections are often intense and leave a lasting impression. One that can stay with you throughout your life.

There are no coincidences why you have certain individuals around you, from your spouse to your children to your boss or your coworkers or even the person standing in line with you at the supermarket. When not in life form on Earth, our souls return to their initial energy source where they once again reunite with their spiritual family. Some see it as heaven, others as distant planets. Joan visualizes it as a Fourth of July sparkler. The sparkler is the “home” to a community of souls and the sparks flying away from the flame are souls who are returning to Earth. When we leave our bodily form, our souls return to our “sparkler” where we reunite with the souls with whom we have journeyed on Earth. These people are our soulmates.

A compatibility reading can be done for you and a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone for whom you have the birth information.

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