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Child’s Reading

As parents we are determined to do the best we can when raising our children. This reading will show you why your child is here on Earth right now. You will learn about his or her karmic journey, strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, you will learn about the influence you have on your child and the best way to assist his or her personal growth.

Joan has done readings for children who are now parents themselves. The benefits of this type of reading can influence generations, as there are familial patterns expressed in each chart of individual family members. A child has its own individual karmic lessons, and the family itself has its lessons as a group. As an example, a child may show anger issues. When Joan looks at the charts of each family member, she may see anger as a common thread running throughout the fabric of the family. Equipped with this insight, you as the parent have the ability to change your approach in how you raise your child. Therefore, these undesirable patterns can be broken for generations to come.

Joan requests the birth data of the parents who are raising the child, as a chart comparison between the child and parents will be included. If you don’t have the precise birth time of the parents, please provide any estimates you may have. Joan will need to have the exact birth time of your child for better accuracy.

  • This reading is for children up to 17 years of age.

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Reading Price: $250

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  • Child's Reading Form

  • Child's Reading Form

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  • Contact info

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  • Child's birth information

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